The date is set for our SECOND Autumn Bull Sale and the countdown has begun. There is lots to do between now and the big day. We are excited and nervous Рfeeling a bit more pressure than this time last year but really more excited than anything else. Planning an annual bull sale is not unlike planning a wedding Рbut you get to do it each and EVERY year!

The bulls who made the first pass back in May of this year are happily grazing on the oat crops that we planted to cover our winter feed gap period. Follow us on our Facebook Page for the month of September as each day we introduce you to a potential Autumn Bull Sale candidate. There are only 40 places – so only the best will get to continue their journey all the way to SaleO.

Whilst you wait for MWA's 2018 Black Boy Line-Up, enjoy watching the rerun of our 2017 Star Sires.