Our breeding plan concentrates on balancing:

  • calving ease
  • moderate frame
  • fertility
  • temperament
  • high growth
  • structurer

ALL our black angus bulls are:

  • registered with Angus Australia
  • J-Bas 8 accredited
  • fertility tested
  • fully vaccinated
  • independently structurally assessed
  • sold with 12 month Guarantee

Limited bulls NOW available via private treaty

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A perfect structure score of 5’s all round, this bull will provide a solid foundation for ANY breeding program. Structural soundness is a given with this bull! Strengthen your weaker females and improve the phenotype of your progeny by purchasing this bull for your breeding program.

One of the few American Sires in our program, MAR Innovation 251 has earned his place as he has proven that his progeny can perform in the Gippsland. This mating is with one of the many daughters of our matriarch Forres Burnette Z36 who in herself needs no introduction! With a BW of 5.2 and an EMA of 7.3 this bull will beef up your herd.

Merlewood Innovation N58

Our flush heifer Merlewood Shorita L66 joined to one of our favourites Braveheart of Stern. With kiwi genetics on both sides of the family tree, this bull is born to perform in the hilly terrain of the Gippsland. A great bull for the grass-fed market, this bull will not disappoint on EMA and carcase. His embryo brothers have all been sold; so be sure not to miss out as he’s the only one left for sale.

Son of our matriarch Forres Burnette Z36 this bull has muscle in all the right places. With an EMA of 5.4 coupled with positive Rib and Rump this bull will deliver the carcase cuts that your butcher demands for the grass-fed beef market. Moderate BW of 4.6 this bull will still add kg’s to your program and growth to your replacement heifers.

Merlewood Enforcer N214

Another son of our matriarch Forres Burnette Z36. Like his half brother, Merlewood Enforcer N214, this bull too has muscle in all the right places. The family resemblance in the paddock is clear to see. With an EMA of 7 coupled with positive Rib and Rump (P8) as well as positive retail beef yield (RBY) the figures tell their own story here. Mate him with thiner boned cows to produce offspring with structure and thickness.

Merlewood Genesis N216

A smooth skin and shoulder bull. Grandson of Tuhwharetoa Regent D145 on the sire side and a wee bit of New Design on the female side make for a superb mating. Almost all 5’s for structure this bull is another solid choice for breeders who retain their replacement heifers and sell into the grass-fed market. Once again a high EMA of 6.2 balanced with a BW of 5 and positive Rib and Rump this bull has staying power coupled with doing ability. Very easy on the eye.

Half brother to Merlewood Jarcevo N63 this bull shares many similar attributes to his brother. Again almost all 5’s for structure this bull will strengthen the structural integrity of any breeding program. As well as the infamous Tuhwharetoa as Grandsire on the male side, the Granddam on the female side is the infamous Te Mania Beeac U340; much loved by our independent breed consultant Willie Milne.

One of our heaviest Lowanna bulls this wee bull has been my favourite since birth. An APR bull his figures really don’t do him justice. This is a smooth skinned, easy doing bull who will mate well with heifers but still bring thickness and carcase into your breeding program. This APR bull is well worth a second look. Again structure scores of almost all 5’s.

Pedigree abounds on both sides of this family tree. With old and trusted genetics on the maternal side combined with new and exciting genetics on the paternal side, this bull is a steady contender for those farmers who like years of well known and proven pedigree in the female line. Granddam is Tibooburra Empress S96 – a classic cow by anyone’s standards. Throw in Te Mania , Rennylea and Irelands and the family tree really does talk for itself. The proof is in the paddock when you look at this bull.

Merlewood Lowanna N42

With 5’s all round – this Lowanna bull is indeed for those farmers who keep their replacement heifers. A beautifully rounded bull who will bring carcase, softness and growth into your program. With an extremely low BW of 1.9 this is one that we bred especially for those ‘absentee farmers’ who prize small calves above all else. However with a 600d of 92, you will still get the growth that you are looking for and that compliments the frame size of your females. Be sure to snap up this bull if BW is your number one driver.

Merlewood Lowanna N42

A compact bull who is positive for almost every trait. His EBV’s reflect this moderate composition. Balanced across most of the traits, this bull is for the farmer who is currently happy with where his breeding program is at, and just wants to keep cruising along; – just tweaking things slightly without chasing one trait in particular to the detriment of others. One of our lower birth weight bulls with a BW of 3.9, this bull is a safe, conservative option. This bull is bred with the smaller land holders around here – who fondly call themselves hobby farmers – in mind.

Merlewood Lowanna N42

Bulls are competitively priced from $4,000 – $6,000 excl. GST