Buyer : Nicole White


What a whirlwind of a day,

What a wonderful day.

What a welcoming crowd.

43/47 bulls sold to average of $10,186 and a top of $17,000

A solid, consistent sale with clients bidding hard and fast on the bulls they wanted to secure. When both clients and stud principals are thrilled with the results, you know you have hit the true market sweet-spot. Surrounded by familiar faces, the atmosphere in the sales barn was fun and festive-like as everyone settled into the rhythm of the annual Sale-O.

Top price bull selling for $17,000 was MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R126 (LOT 32) who sold to long-term, loyal foundation client Nicole White. We thank the White Family for their continuous confidence in our breeding program and sharing their passion for our breeding program. Back in 2019 Nicole shared top price bull spot with Jamie Quinnlan of Elders. This year however Nicole was flying solo and not only did she secure the top priced bull but went for the trifactor by purchasing another two excellent stud sires to add to her ever-growing Merlewood cattle family; MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R24 (LOT 5) $10,000 and MERLEWOOD COMMAND R61 (LOT24) $12,000. Extremely well bought Nicole – thank you.

Close behind was neighbour, farmer and friend Barry Svenson who purchased MERLEWOOD RAINDANCE R125 (LOT29)  $16,000 and MERLEWOOD COWBOY UP R112 (LOT 44) $15,000. We enjoy many a cattle conversation with Barry and we never run out of things to talk about when it comes to black angus cattle.

Last year’s new kids on the block  Bill and Matt of Belfrage Pastoral who paid top price of $21,000k for Merlewood Innovation Q150 returned to buy in volume once again. Already Bill and Matt feel like they have been part of the Merlewood family for years. Bill’s passion for his animals is contagious. Belfrage Pastoral secured MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R30 (LOT 3) $11,000, MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R6 (LOT 7) $12,000, MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R33 (LOT 20) $13,000 – extremely well bought once again gentlemen. A nice Merlewood Up River line to add to your program.

Another long-term, loyal foundation client John Montelone of Mount Angus who has been with us since our first sale was extremely pleased with the two bulls tha the purchased: MERLEWOOD UP RIVER R2 (LOT 6) $10,000 and MERLEWOOD COMMAND R12 (LOT 8) $13,000. We might not agree with John on footy but when it comes to bulls , breeding and farming we are certainly on the same page. Thank you John – it’s always a delight.

Brendan O’Loughlin who has been buying bulls from us since the days when we had a small herd selling out the paddock via private treaty couldn’t believe his luck that he secured MERLEWOOD COMMAND R109 for $6,000 – extremely well bought Brendan and thank you for your continued support.

Brother Peter O’Loughlin couldn’t get the grin of his face as he was delighted to secure MERLEWOOD  UP RIVER R131 for $13,000 as he expected to have to pay more.


Doug King who has been buying bulls from us since 2016 attended with his son Philip and was delighted to secure MERLEWOOD COMMAND R13 (LOT 9) $12,000.

We welcome new clients from King Island. Tim Schuuring of King Island Beef who purchased MERLEWOOD COMMAND R9 (LOT 17) $14,000 and MERLEWOOD COMMAND R105 (LOT 35) $14,000, Richard Sutton of Caroona Pastoral who purchased MERLEWOOD STELLAR R52 (LOT23) $10,000 and Zander Dean who purchased MERLEWOOD STELLAR R100 (LOT 34) $10,000. Well bought gentlemen.

It was heartwarming to see so many new faces today as well as so many return clients. We thank you all for helping us make our sixth sale sensational – without you all it would remain a pipe dream. 

Time now for a cold drink and then rest before Monday comes around and we start the process of getting ready for our seventh annual autumn bull sale. In the meantime keep the photos coming and the social media messages – we love staying in touch with you all throughout the year.

A huge big thank you once again – from our hearts to yours.