Nestled in the heart of the pasture rich Strzlecki ranges, South Gippsland, the Merlewood Angus farm is proudly owned & operated by Anne Marie & Daniel Barrow.

A love of farming bought Daniel & Anne Marie back to Australia after they met in 1994 in Munich, Germany – a classic tale of the country boy meets city girl.

Following a decade of living in Europe & finding the ideal property to breed quality grass-fed Angus cattle, Merlewood Angus Stud was founded in 2009 & fulfilled a long held dream.  The original “Merlewood” farm was established in 1880 & with Anne Marie & Daniel now at the helm, they are thrilled to be writing a new chapter in the history of “Merlewood”.

The farm’s 750 plus acres of fertile grazing land is backed by Gippsland’s reliable rainfall & supports a seedstock model where over 270 cattle are joined annually using sustainable & natural farming practices.

Holding it’s inaugural Black Angus Bull Sale in autumn 2017, the stud continues to build on it’s success with an average of 60+ Angus Bulls being offered at auction in the autumn of each year.



Daniel & Anne Marie are pragmatic, passionate & professional beef producers, breeding premium marketable cattle they love.

Consumers of grass-fed beef for many years they have a clear direction & vision to breed natural pasture raised animals as the ultimate choice in beef production.

Chosing the Gippsland region with its natural environment a close replication of the Aberdeen Angus cattle breed’s homelands allows the stud to showcase their cattle’s full genetic potential on a grass-fed diet.  Our cattle are accustomed to the climate, biodiversity & environment of the Gippsland region.

The Merlewood farm has running creeks, a temperate climate, lush green grass & high rainfall.  The terrain is undulating with our bulls exposed to steep, hilly paddocks from a young age. All cattle are run under commercial conditions &  small paddocks (2ha – 4ha) ensures intensive handling of & interaction with the cattle on an almost daily basis.

Holistic farm management principles include low-stress handling, rotational grazing & clean trough water.

Temperament, trust & transparency in both the people & cattle of Merlewood Angus are of paramount importance to our success.  Anne Marie & Daniel love what they do & surround themselves with equally passionate partners in professionalism & collaborate with the best in the industry.