With spring joining around the corner, thoughts of black angus breeders everywhere turn to herd improvement.

Renowned for structural integrity, easy doing, quiet cattle we are pleased to release some semen from herd improvers that we have purchased from fellow stud breeders over the years.

The goal of breeding is improved performance across the whole black angus genetic pool and that is why breeders not only retain their genetics within their herd but purchase from each other too.

Cross-fertilisation is the key to success.

When we work in collaboration and communication with full transparency, we really do prove that “AS A WHOLE, WE ARE GREATER THAN THE SUM OF OUR PARTS”. To that end we are offering fellow farmers, the chance to share in the following genetics.

Please note that straw pricing is exclusive of handling, transfer and dispatch fees.

Secure your straws now !

Limited straws available.

To secure your semen straws contact our Stud Principal, Anne Marie Barrow, on 0425 862 941 or email merlewoodangus@bigpond.com