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Autumn Bull Sale 2024

Friday 15th March 2024 | 12 Noon AEDT


Auction On-Property & Online

Presenting an outstanding line-up of registered Black Angus Bulls to fit your grass fed beef breeding programs.

As the welcoming summer rains and mild spring like summer draws to a close, confidence in the beef industry is once again on the rise. Like all natural cycles, this last year has seen some farmers exit the market space; and new opportunities emerge. As re-stockers look to build back up their herds and traders re-enter the market space, we see Gippsland farmers continue breeding some of the best quality black angus cattle for their markets.

To this end, we are delighted once again to bring leading industry bulls right to the heart of the Gippsland for discerning clients looking to purchase the best Angus Australia sire assured black angus bulls for their breeding programs. Born and bred in the Gippsland. Merlewood Angus cattle thrive on grass.

Merlewood Angus bulls are well-balanced and offer all the carcase traits and merits that clients are seeking in order to facilitate the breeding of profitable progeny for the grass-fed market.

Feature bull lines selling this season are sons of Banquet Quirky Q209, Boonaroo Keystone Q90 and Millah Murrah Capitalist NMM21.

All three stud sires have produced progeny that are true to type. Merlewood Quirky bulls were the pick of the day at our Beef Week Open Day. Daniel has worked our Merlewood Magic to join Boonaroo Keystone Q90 with select smaller cows and the consensus is Merlewood Keystone bulls are indeed on the money. A small selection of Merlewood Capitalist NMMQ21 are available; the bull being terminally injured in early January of 2022.

AI sires include SAV Rainfall 6846, Freys Cowboy Logic, Sterling Pacific 904, SAV Raindance 6848, Basin Rainmaker 4404 and Myers Fair-N-Square.

We look forward to welcoming you all warmly on sale day. Queries welcome at all times – we are only ever a phone call away.

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