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Buyers flock for spring bulls – Bull Purchased by Merlewood Angus

*33 of 48 bulls sold to $11,000, av $6060

ANVIL Angus held their fifth annual spring bull sale on Wednesday, which saw buyers flock from throughout the state to snap up quality Angus bulls to join in spring.

The stud, located in Acheron, sold 33 of 48 18 month-old Angus bulls, to a top price of $11,000, an average price of $6060, and a clearance rate of 75 per cent.

Anvil stud principal Stephen Handbury said he was glad to see the average price come back to a more reasonable figure.

“Last year our average was $7355, and I’m happy the average is back at $6000, it’s a lot more palatable for buyers in our area,” Mr Handbury said.

“When it’s up as high as it was last year, it can become difficult for people to buy.”

He said in spring, buyers are often more selective with their purchases.

“In spring, buyers are looking for bulls with moderate birth weight, and I think the bulls that did well today were ones that reflected this,” he said.

The top-priced, $11,000 bull, was Lot 15, Anvil M077, a February 2016-drop, who recorded BreedPlan figures of +5.6 kilograms birth weight, +54kg 200-day weight, +91kg 400-day weight, and +120kg 600-day weight.

The bull was bought by Merlewood Angus stud consultant Willie Milne, on behalf of Daniel and Anne Marie Burrow of the Mirboo North stud.

Mr Milne said the bull had good temperament, structure and conformation.

“He also had a good maternal side, which I think is very important in cattle,” Mr Milne said.

“I put a lot of emphasis on a bull’s maternal side, because that’s where the genetics are, and the genetics are what’s made the Angus breed what it is today.”

He said the bull will be joined in the next two months, to both heifers and cows.

“They’re looking to breed bulls they can sell, if this bull can transfer what he’s got onto his progeny, then that will increase their potential to sell high quality bulls,” he said.

“Stud bulls are hard to find, and I prefer to visually assess the bull before I look at its BreedPlan figures.”

Lots 2 and 6 both hit the equal second top price of $10,000, and were both bought by Mike Jackson, Jackson Pastoral Co, Cowwarr.

Lot 2 recorded BreedPlan figures of +2.7kg bwt, +48kg 200-day weight, +89kg 400-day weight, and +112kg 600-day weight, while lot 6 recorded a +4.1kg bwt, +52kg 200-day weight, +97kg 400-day weight, and +128kg 600-day weight.

There were 32 registered buyers at the sale, but not a lot of significant volume buyers.

Of the 32, 24 bidders were successful, and took home at least one bull, with 15 of those buying one, six buying two, and three taking home three.

Don Howie, ‘DW Howie & Son’, Mansfield, took home three bulls, paying to a top of $4500 (twice), av $4333.

Stuart Brien, ‘Greenhills’, Birregurra, also bought three, topping at $7000, av $6000.

J Hickingbotham, ‘Clarendon Park’, Molesworth, bought three as well, hitting a top price of $8000, av $7167.

Two bulls also hit the third top price of $9000.

Lot 17 was bought by Julie Gerrand, ‘A&J Gerrand’, Longford, and Lot 19 was bought by Vaughn, ‘SW & RL Parsons’, Maindample.

Rodwells Yea branch manager Adam Mountjoy said the sale went well and met expectations.

“Buyers were chasing the more lower birth weight bulls for their spring joining, that was quite evident throughout the sale, and at the top end they were really chasing the more growthy bulls with good shape and figures to match,” Mr Mountjoy said.

“There was a really good mix [of buyers] today, with buying support from the western districts of Victoria, the Gippsland area, and local support too.”

The overall result was slightly below the prices made at the stud’s bull sale in March this year, where they hit a top price of $13,500 (twice), and an average price of $6900.

The stud also sold an additional three bulls following the sale.

Mr Mountjoy was the auctioneer, and Rodwells conducted the sale, in conjunction with Elders.

Courtesy of Stock & Land – By Joely Mitchell