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Prime Angus Premium Progeny Purchased by Merlewood Angus

“We share Pat and Colin’s belief that the driving force of any herd is the depth of the maternal power and pedigree in each and every animal” said Merlewood Angus co-stud principal Daniel Barrow.

“It is always sad when industry recognized leading studs exit the market. However, there is a time when we are all called to leave – often when we are not ready but when external events and circumstance dictate otherwise. We wish Colin and Pat all the best in their journey and are honoured to incorporate their bloodlines into the Merlewood Angus breeding program and continue their legacy to the black angus breed here in Australia.” shared Mrs Barrow.

Successful bidders of Lots 44, 96 and 104 at the Prime Angus Second Stage Complete Dispersal on 26/27 May 2023, Daniel and Anne Marie Barrow are thrilled to welcome their tri-factor consisting of Prime Barwon Q28, Prime Wilcoola T116 and Prime Princess T138 to Merlewood Angus to the Merlewood Angus family.

“Prime Barwon Q28 – a favorite of Pat’s – is a powerful dam with a commanding presence. She has growth in the top 7%  of the breed and top 20% for Selection Indexes. We purchased her in calf; joined to Sitz Resilient 10208 and due to calf August of this year.” shared Mr Barrow.

“Prime Wilcoola T116 is long and solid. A Prime Beast Mode  R10 calf with very strong 600d growth. Plenty of meat here. We are strong believers in the Wilcoola Cow Families.” said Mr Barrow.

“Prime Princess T136 sired by Sterling Pacific is my favourite” said Mrs Barrow. She shows strong potential and takes after her dam Kennys Creek Princess C747; a beautiful soft, thick and voluminous cow. Like mother, like daughter; and we know that she will breed beautiful black angus cattle.”

All three females will be flushed in spring of this year and a selection of their embyros implanted in our recipient herd this spring.

We look forward to welcoming these dams to Merlewood Angus and integrating their bloodlines into our breeding program.