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Solid Sale for Merlewood Angus

29/38 Bulls sold to a top of $22,000 and an average of $7,862

Stud Principals, Anne Marie & Daniel Barrow, were pleased with their solid sale at their 8th Annual Bull Sale. Selling in autumn of each year, Merlewood Angus bring a small, boutique selection of well-balanced quality black Angus bulls to the heart of the Gippsland. Over the years their client base has grown steadily – with one new client saying on the day that he was here because his neighbour had told him “Once you buy Merlewood Angus genetics you never need to shop anywhere else again.”; and he liked what he saw when he looked over the fence to his neighbours farm.

Another newish client to the family said “I am back because the growth is allowing me to finish the cattle and turn off an even line at 12 – 14 months of age at heavy weights. I like the premium I get for the evenness of the line; and of course less days on farm means more dollars in my bank account.”

With a smaller than usual crowd, both stud principals really got to chat to their clients this year and both were ecstatic with the feedback. Anne Marie Barrow said “Hearing results like this, is what it’s all about. It really makes it all worthwhile. We both love what we do.”

Stud Principal Daniel Barrow said “I am really pleased with the sale results and they are once again a true reflection of current market conditions. Our top bull sold to another stud, Longview Angus, and we are excited to see what Jarrod and Fiona have in store for Merlewood Stellar T36. A delightful young couple and family with so much passion and excitement for the industry.”

Daniel & Anne Marie thank all bidders, under bidders, friends and supporters for your continued confidence in the Merlewood Angus breeding program.

Top priced bull, Lot 2 MERLEWOOD STELLAR T36, sold to Longview Agriculture and Daniel & Anne Marie look forward to seeing what this young, passionate couple have in store for his joining. Well bought Jarrod and Fiona , it will be a delight to follow your progress and that of progeny on your informative socials.
From the bottom of their hearts, Daniel & Anne Marie, would like to extend a huge, big thank you  to their loyal foundation clients and volume buyers :The White Family, Creighton Grange Angus, Mount Angus Stud, Chalmers family, Bowron family, Sarah Fahey, Annie’s Angus and Brookville Angus ~ in no particular order ; you are all loved and appreciated equally 🤪❤️‍🔥.
Daniel & Anne Marie warmly welcome all new clients to the MERLEWOOD Family and look forward to hearing all about their bulls performance and that of their progeny.
“Stay in touch and keep us tagged. Thank you everyone ~ for everything.” smiled Anne Marie Barrow as another sale day drew to a close.