The date is set for our FOURTH Annual On-Farm Autumn Bull Sale – FRIDAY 27 MARCH 2020 @ noon, and the countdown has begun.

There is lots to do between now and the big day. Planning an annual bull sale is not unlike planning a wedding – but you get to do it each and EVERY year!

Each year our line-up of registered black angus bulls just keeps getting better and better ; and this year is no exception. We look forward to seeing you all in March 2020 for our fourthsale which we hope with your help will be fantastic as we continue to bring leading industry bulls to the Gippsland for inclusion in your grass fed beef breeding program.

In themeantime head over to our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed or Instagram Account and  join the cattle conversation with us as we keep you up to date throughout the year with happenings at Merlewood. We believe that transparency builds trust.

Each day in October we will introduce you to a potential Autumn Bull Sale candidate. There are only 40 coveted places – so only the best will get to continue their journey all the way to SaleO. Follow us on the social of your choice for the month of October to see who are prime candidates for Sale).


Once the science is out of the way and a bull fulfils all the criteria that you are looking for – the final choice is subjective.

Each year all the MWA team members pick their favourite bull.

Our MWA team members will once again reveal their picks at our annual Beef Week Open Day. So be sure to join us once again at our Beef Week Open Day on Saturday 1 February 2020 (DAY 4 of Beef Week).

Bulls will be penned from 9am until 4pm.

We urge you to come along and take advantage of the pre-sale day to chat with the MWA team about your breeding program. After all your bull is your single most important external investment that you introduce to your herd. Take the time to chat with our team about your breeding program and your breeding goals.

MWA 3- Tick test

All sale bulls must pass the MWA 3-tick test to qualify for a place in our bull program.




Herd Health

All sale bulls are vaccinated for Vibriosis and Pestivirus (BVDV). Please note that any bull purchased from Merlewood Angus will be due his Vibrovax and Pestiguard annual booster in January of each year.Read More »

MWA Guarantee

Merlewood Angus sale bulls are backed with a 12-month guarantee. In the event of a sale bull proving to be structurally unsound, infertile or incapable of serviceRead More »

Fertility and Semen Rights

All sale bulls have been fertility tested and independently structurally assessed by Ian Moreland of Studcare Genetics.Read More »

Registered Stud Sires

All sale bulls are performance recorded HBR or APR with Angus Breedplan and are registered with Angus Society. Merlewood Angus automatically arrange for the transfer of ownership with the Angus Society of all sale bulls.  Read More »

Export Markets

Purchasing a registered bull enables you to sell his offspring into select export markets – speak to your local stock agent for more details. Angus. Read More »